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be amazed in the ''Journey Through the Human Body''

Hear the heart beat, feel the oxygen in the lungs and discover how smart your brain is. Come to CORPUS and take the ''Journey Through the Human Body''. You will be amazed at how amazing your body is put together!

You can find a discount coupon in the Postcode Lottery Agenda and in the Advantage Guide. Each entitles you to a 20 percent discount on the admission price. The voucher can be used for up to five people.

That's how you get a discount:


You will need your unique discount code . You can find it in the upper right corner of page 2 of the Advantage Guide. In the Advantage Agenda, the code is on the inside cover. Remove the silver scratch coating.


Choose a time slot and reserve your ''Journey Through the Human Body''. While paying, enter your discount code.
Note! You can only enter this discount code once.


You will receive a confirmation email that includes your admission ticket(s). Have them scanned at the box office or show the printed version.


Take your ticket and the valid benefit voucher from you to CORPUS ''Journey Through the Human Body''. The voucher must be handed in at the counter. Copies or photos of the benefit coupon arenot valid.

The National Postcode Lottery and CORPUS wish you an unforgettable ''Journey Through the Human Body''!
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