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Journey through man

You undoubtedly know it: the red-brown giant along highway A44 near Oegstgeest. Here you will discover how amazingly clever your body is.
Discover CORPUS 'journey through man'; an experience you will remember for a lifetime!  

Amazingly special

At CORPUS you will experience a spectacular 'journey through man' in 55 minutes! Via the escalator you enter the knee, there the 'journey' starts and you end in the brain. 

Meanwhile, you fall from one amazement into another. How special your body is! Walk around in the womb, take a walk through the mouth and sit for a moment in the brain. What else will you encounter? That's what you'll see during your "journey through man"! Discover CORPUS and buy your tickets here.

Interactive section - test yourself!

After 55 minutes, the "journey" ends. But your visit to CORPUS is not over then. You probably still have questions about everything you have just heard and seen.

Especially for that, there is "My CORPUS," the interactive part of your visit. Everything you find here has to do with the human body! There are special exhibits, games and experiments in which everything revolves around the human body.

How many liters of blood does a person have? What do your kidneys do? How does the heart work? How come you can see? You'll experience this and much more in the interactive section! Feel like testing yourself with a scavenger hunt? You can do that too!

In this second section, you may stay as long or short as you wish. An average visit to CORPUS takes 2.5 hours. 


Whether you visit CORPUS as an individual, as a family or as part of a group, our restaurant on the 7th floor invites you to enjoy tasty snacks and drinks with stunning views of the coastline after the "journey through man.


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