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Want to visit CORPUS with friends, family or colleagues? Good plan! The ''Journey Through the Human Body'' is a great outing for all ages. Check out the possibilities here.

coffee or lunch arrangement

Of course we also like to take care of the inner man! Make your visit to CORPUS even more enjoyable and treat your company to a luxury lunch or coffee arrangement. This is possible for groups of 15 people or more.


Your party will be the most fun of all! Come along with your friends for a super party! Check out the options here. 

Corporate Outing

Get out from behind your desk and hit the road with your colleagues. Curious about the possibilities for your company outing? Give us a call and we will think with you!

+31 71 75 10 200

private groups

Are you visiting CORPUS with 12 people or more? Then you will receive a discount on the ''Journey Through the Human Body''. The admission price for a ticket is 21.95 instead of 23.95. Give us a call and we'll check with you!

+31 71 75 10 200

special groups

Wondering about options for your special group? Think about: NSO/BSO, weekend schools, summer schools, study clubs, scouting or foundations. Give us a call and we'll think with you!

+31 71 75 10 200

While visiting CORPUS, visitors can enjoy an interesting "Journey Through the Human Body" and interactive games. It is an excellent opportunity for team building, with visitors learning and discovering together. A day at CORPUS is not only entertaining, but also contributes to the awareness of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of taking care of our own bodies.

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