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Behind the robust appearance of the seated human figure is a strong concept that is unique in the world. At CORPUS, everything revolves around the wonders of the human body and how to take good care of it: appealing, connecting and relevant to every person.

The dream of CORPUS 

What began with an idea by Henri Remmers, inventor and founder of CORPUS "Journey Through the Human Body," resulted in the opening of CORPUS on March 14, 2008. After all these years, CORPUS is still a unique concept in the world. CORPUS wants to encourage its visitors to exercise, motivate them to eat responsibly and inspire them to live healthy lives. We want to let young and old discover the wonders of the human body and make them aware that everyone is basically the same - and yet very unique. 

CORPUS is working closely with foreign parties to explore the possibility of opening a foreign CORPUS so that more and more people realize that they themselves are a miracle and embrace the importance of taking good care of themselves. A healthy(er) life for all people around the world: that is our dream.  

Universal message in prime location

A healthy body is essential for everyone, and knowledge plays a key role in this. That, in a nutshell, is the message of CORPUS. Besides the ''Journey Through the Human Body'', this striking building houses CORPUS Congress Centre: the beating heart of Leiden Bio Science Park: the largest innovation district in the Netherlands in the field of Life Sciences & Health. Centrally located in the Randstad against the knowledge city of Leiden and a stone's throw away from the N206 and the A44, the artery connecting Schiphol Airport with The Hague.

With the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel next door, CORPUS has all possible facilities for the most diverse events. Moreover, it has a professional, thoughtful and flexible conference team that has only one goal in mind: the unforgettable success of every business event, large or small.  

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