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The sooner children become aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, the better. The special 'journey through the body' has now been extended with a teaching pack and workshops. Read more below!

The impact of healthy choices!

The workshops are intended to let children see, feel and hear the impact that certain choices have on their health. Specially targeting pupils in groups 7 and 8, three of the CORPUS partners have developed a workshop: VeiligheidNL, Dunea and Smaaklessen in partnership with the Voedingscentrum. Each workshop consists of two parts, each lasting around fifteen minutes. Nice for a healthy start to the day, or something different during or at the end of the day. Because the nice thing is that teachers can do the workshops in the class. To get an idea, see the photos taken during the workshop try-outs in CORPUS, followed by a short description of each workshop.

‘Sound & Hearing’ workshop

The ‘Sound & Hearing’ workshop by knowledge centre VeilighheidNL introduces pupils to the world of decibels and lipreading, hearing and the importance of hearing protection. Using a decibel meter, pupils learn the difference between singing, clapping and loud music. And a lipreading exercise demonstrates how difficult communication can be when you're deaf.

Download free workshop?

Want to start this workshop with your pupils now? Download the ‘Sound & Hearing’ workshop below:

Instructions 'Sound & Hearing' workshop

'Decibel meter' worksheet

Worksheet with anwers to 'Decibel meter'

‘Water’ Workshop

Where does our tap water come from and why is it so important to drink enough water? Dunea's water quiz provides lots of interesting facts about water. The quiz is part of a workshop in which pupils learn all about the best thirst quencher there is: tap water.

Download free workshop?

Can't wait to take your pupils on this exciting journey of discovery? Download the ‘Water’ workshop here:

Teaching instructions - CORPUS & Dunea

Water quiz (PowerPoint)

Water research (posters)

Extra water lessons (tips)

‘Taste’ workshop

The ‘Taste’ workshop was developed by Smaaklessen in partnership with the Voedingscentrum. During this workshop, pupils learn that eating something involves all your senses. Does the smell of coconut affect how it tastes? Is a biscuit that's lost its crunch still tasty? Smell determines taste, but so does what you see, hear and how it feels (in the mouth).

Download free workshop?

Ready for a fun-filled healthy workshop? Download the ‘Taste’ workshop here and lay out the samphire and grapefruit!

Smaaklessen - workshop 1

Smaaklessen - workshop 2

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