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We normally don't give it a second thought, but our body is working for us day and night, 24/7! It is the foundation for your life. So there is a good reason why pupils in secondary education learn how the human body works. At CORPUS, teaching material about the human body comes to life! Whether or not they are fans of biology lessons at school, the CORPUS 'journey through the human body' is fun and educational for every pupil.

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Sometimes unnoticed, the pupils experience the teaching material for themselves because CORPUS links up with important parts of the curriculum about the human body. This applies to the curriculum in the lower years of HAVO/VWO, but also to many subjects in the VMBO biology examination programme. Both during the 'journey' and afterwards in the 'my CORPUS’ interactive component, the teaching material is packaged differently than normal and that is the power of a visit to CORPUS!

In CORPUS, the penny drops.”
Baukje Lam Biology teacher at Kalsbeek College Woerden Read more
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Regardless of the curriculum-based biology lessons, the knowledge gained in a fun way in CORPUS is relevant for every pupil! After all, you only have one body and you have to live with it for the rest of your life. A body that you need to treat with care, helped by healthy choices. What does smoking do to your lungs? And what are the risks of hearing loss? These are just a few of the themes that are discussed in CORPUS 'journey through the human body'.

Not just factual information, but real experience.”
Willem Sterk PE teacher at Wartburg College, Marnix location, Dordrecht Read more
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CORPUS has reduced rates for a minimum of 10 pupils/students. Below you can see the rates for each educational level.

CORPUS is an experience that really supports education. It makes the lesson material visual and helps the children remember it better.”
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