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Are you a teacher in the Healthcare & Welfare & Sport sector and searching for a different dynamic that is still career-related? Then visit the CORPUS 'journey through the human body’ to link up with the regular teaching material about the human body or as a conclusion to a themed week. But we also welcome teachers and students from other MBO courses to CORPUS for the 'journey' of a lifetime.
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From a young MBO student who dreams of becoming a doctor's assistant to a 60-year-old transfer student training as a personal attendant in the Care & Welfare sector, from a student of equestrian husbandry who must know how to take good care of his/her body and stay energetic to a student of Sport and Movement, CORPUS is recommended for everyone! Why? Because it brings to life teaching material about the human body in a light-hearted way, visually and with a different dynamic.

Visual addition to the exam material''
Bernard Speksnijder teacher Care and Welfare BOL/BBL at Hoornbeeck College, Rotterdam Read more
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Experience the 'journey' of your life  

In CORPUS, you literally experience the 'journey' of your life when you take the 'journey through the human body'. During this 'journey' you will become acquainted in a unique and surprising way with the great miracle that you carry with you: your body, the basis of your life.     

How much more visual do you want it to be?”
Stephanie van Helvoort Teacher of equine husbandry and equestrian sport - Lentiz Maasland, MBO Read more
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CORPUS has reduced rates for a minimum of 10 pupils/students. Below you can see the rates for each educational level.

Surprising, fun and educational''
Madeleine Heynens Freelance teacher at OPPstap Zorg en Welzijn, Heiloo Read more


E-mail or call 071-7510200 from Monday to Sunday between 9 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. and between 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.


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