Birthday party

Are you celebrating your birthday soon? Make your birthday party extra special and bring your friends to CORPUS 'journey through the human body'. We will welcome you and your friends in the hall. From here, you will embark on your 'journey through the human body'. At the end of ‘the journey’, you will all receive a CORPUS backpack containing a carton of apple juice, a Hero in B'tween, a CORPUS discovery trail and a CORPUS pen. You can then visit 'my CORPUS', the interactive part of CORPUS, where you can take part in lots of fun tests and games. You can also do the discovery trail together. If you answer all the questions correctly, you will receive the special CORPUS certificate at the desk on the ground floor. There is also a CORPUS gift for the birthday girl or boy.


Would you like to invite your friends with a cool CORPUS card? You can! These cards are available in our shop for € 0.50 each. When you book your birthday arrangement with us, let us know if you wish to receive invitations. We will then send them to you.

Birthday party prices

Tuesday to Friday: € 16.75 per child/ € 15.25 per adult

Saturday and Sunday: € 17.75 per child/ € 15.25 per adult

Free exit tickets are available for 2 cars.

Ordering and paying for tickets

The 'CORPUS birthday party' can only be booked by phone on +31 (0)71 7510 200 (choice 1, option 1). Payment can then be made at the ticket office on the day of your visit. No restitution can be made if you come to CORPUS with fewer children than the number booked.

Changes to the reservation must be made up to 48 hours in advance.

Other terms and conditions

The group must consist a minimum of 8 and amaximum of 14 children and at least 2 adults. The children are aged 8 to 12.