General Terms and Conditions

Visitors should observe the following conditions when visiting CORPUS.

1. General

Visitors enter CORPUS at their own risk. Parents and supervisors are responsible for the behaviour of their children. The instructions of our staff must be followed at all times. We urge visitors to respect our theatres and set pieces. We kindly but urgently request visitors to dispose of their waste in the waste bins provided. Our staff are entitled to remove from the CORPUS premises visitors who do not abide by the above-mentioned terms and conditions for visitors or who are disturbing, or threaten to disturb, the order. In such a case, the visitor has no right to compensation.

2. Access

It is only possible to enter CORPUS with a valid admission ticket. Visitors should keep this admission ticket in a safe place during their visit to CORPUS and show it on request to one of our employees. The admission ticket is only valid on the day of issue (with the exception of subscriptions and tickets sold by third parties) and loses its validity when leaving CORPUS. Children under the age of 6 are not admitted to CORPUS. CORPUS recommends an age of 8 years and above. (See item 16. for rules on the supervision of children). By order of the fire service, buggies and prams are not allowed in the 'journey through the human body’ at CORPUS. CORPUS always reserves the right to refuse access to persons who, for example, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who are disturbing, or threaten to disturb, the peace.

3. Safety

With regard to visitor safety, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to enter the technical area and/or areas designated as accessible to staff only. Visitors are not permitted to go under the platforms. CORPUS is not responsible for damage caused to personal belongings, clothing and/or body parts.

4. Items brought in

Carrying weapons or other dangerous objects (at the discretion of our staff) is strictly prohibited. The use of narcotics is not permitted. The use of balls and other toys is only permitted outside CORPUS. Balloons are not permitted inside CORPUS. Radios and other sound equipment are not allowed. Scooters, (children's) bicycles, skates and other means of transport, with the exception of wheelchairs, are also not permitted at CORPUS.

5. (Domestic) animals

(Pets and other animals are not permitted in CORPUS. This is to ensure the safety of both the animals and visitors to CORPUS. CORPUS does not provide shelter for pets. Assistance dogs are however allowed at CORPUS, provided that their presence is communicated beforehand.

6. Clothing and footwear

Within CORPUS it is compulsory for men, women and children to have a covered upper and lower body and to wear footwear.

7. Photographing and filming

It is not permitted to take photographs or to film in the 'journey through the human body'. It is permitted to take photographs in 'my CORPUS', but only for personal use. The publication of visual and/or sound material is prohibited unless the management of CORPUS has granted permission in writing in advance. It is possible that you may be filmed or photographed as a guest. CORPUS always reserves the right to use this material for publication.

8. Attractions

CORPUS is designed in such a way that not every section can receive a large number of guests at the same time. It is therefore possible that, in the event of large numbers of visitors, not every part of 'My CORPUS' can be visited. CORPUS is not liable for any damage or disappointment. The 'journey through the human body' is controlled by various techniques. It is possible that delays may occur because of a technical malfunction. In the event of delays, CORPUS will not refund the admission price.

9. Damage

CORPUS is carefully maintained. Nevertheless, visitors may encounter an unsafe situation or damage. We ask visitors to report this as soon as possible to one of our employees, so that we can take action. It can also happen that the visitor unintentionally causes damage. In this case, too, we request that the visitor reports this to the reception desk before leaving CORPUS.

10. Liability

Should visitors incur damage during their visit to CORPUS, they should report this to the reception desk before departure. Any compensation for damage reported at a later date is in any event ruled out. CORPUS accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage sustained by the guest unless such loss or damage is the direct result of an intentional act on the part of CORPUS or one of our employees. Nor can any liability be accepted in the event of loss or damage to items handed over to CORPUS for safekeeping. The exclusion of liability does not apply insofar as CORPUS receives compensation from an insurance company or other third party regarding the risk which has arisen.

11. Promotion and sales

The promotion or sale of services and/or products within CORPUS, on the grounds of CORPUS or on the access road is not permitted without prior written permission from the CORPUS management.

12. Parking

The parking spaces within CORPUS and on the grounds of CORPUS belong to CORPUS. The parking spaces can be used during the opening hours of CORPUS, provided that the person using the car buys an admission ticket for CORPUS. Visitors pay a fixed amount per car. A parking ticket costs €7 and is valid for four hours from the moment the car enters the car park. If the visitor uses the parking space for less than four hours, he or she will not receive a reduction in the parking fee or admission charge. Should all the parking spaces within CORPUS and on the grounds of CORPUS be occupied, the visitor will have to find another parking space. The costs of this parking cannot be recovered from CORPUS. CORPUS does not guarantee that a parking space will always be available.

13. Smoking

Smoking is not permitted inside CORPUS. In the context of the 'smoke-free generation', smoking is also not permitted on the forecourt or in the car park.

14. Hospitality

The Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH) apply to catering deliveries. These are available on request. During the ‘journey through the human body', eating and drinking is prohibited.

15. Toilet use

During the 55-minute 'journey through the human body’, it is not possible to use the toilet. We recommend that you visit the toilet before the 'journey through the human body. If you are in possession of a priority card from SPKS (Foundation for Patients with Disorder of the Digestive Canal), you will have priority in the toilets at CORPUS

16. Children and supervision

Children under the age of 6 are not admitted to CORPUS. Children aged 6 to 14 must be accompanied by at least one adult. When a child interrupts the 'journey through the human body', the accompanying adult - possibly together with other, otherwise unaccompanied children - must also leave the 'journey through the human body'. In this case CORPUS will not grant a refund. It is not possible to interrupt the 'journey through the human body' and then resume it again.

17. Ordering tickets and changes to the booking (online)

We advise you to buy tickets online. Due to the great interest in CORPUS, it is possible that tickets for a particular day are sold out. Tickets purchased online can be changed to another date and/or time up to 48 hours in advance (subject to availability). Announcements of new (discount) offers do not constitute grounds for a refund.

18. Ordering tickets and changes to the booking (by telephone)

Tickets can be reserved by contacting the CORPUS Reservations Department. Group bookings for several starting times (more than 16 people) can be cancelled up to 14 calendar days before the date of the visit at the latest. If you expect considerable changes in numbers, these can also be reported by telephone to the CORPUS Reservations Department up to 14 calendar days before the date of the visit. After this period, no cancellations or reductions in numbers are possible, except as described below. Changes up to a maximum of 10% of the numbers booked may be reported to the CORPUS Reservations Department up to 3 calendar days before the date of the visit. By making a reservation and receiving a confirmation from CORPUS, you commit to the purchase of admission tickets for the reserved time slots.

19. Refund in case of absence or late arrival

In the event of absence of persons belonging to a group and/or individual visitors, CORPUS cannot refund the admission charge. If you arrive late or not at all for the 'journey through the human body' after making your reservation, you will not receive a refund of the admission charge or any other form of compensation. We therefore request that you report to the ticket desk no later than 20 minutes before the starting time of your 'journey through the human body'.

In the following cases, we do not provide a refund or any other form of compensation:

  • In the event of illness or absence.
  • If your expectations of CORPUS do not correspond to the experience.
  • When there is a delay.
  • When one or more of the games have failed.
  • When you are unwell.
  • In the event of loss or theft of the admission ticket.
  • If the visitor has obtained the admission ticket from a third party other than CORPUS, and for reasons attributable to the third party the admission price is not paid to CORPUS.
  • If the ticket has been purchased in combination with an event/congress at CORPUS and this event/congress is cancelled.
  • If, for whatever reason, the visitor does not use the admission ticket, this will be at his/her own expense. Once an admission ticket has been obtained, it cannot be exchanged. In such cases there will be no refund of the admission charge.

20. Wheelchairs

CORPUS is wheelchair friendly, however, for each 'journey through the human body' one visitor in a wheelchair is allowed. Wheelchairs larger than a manual wheelchair do not fit on the platforms in the 'journey through the human body'. CORPUS has two wheelchairs available for free use. These must be reserved by telephone. If you wish to visit CORPUS in your own wheelchair, you must inform the CORPUS Reservations Department well in advance. If you wish to visit CORPUS in a wheelchair, you can only order tickets by telephone and not via the website.

The wheelchair must meet the following requirements: Width: maximum 75 cm (including handles) Length: maximum 90 cm (including wheels and footrests) A group including a wheelchair may consist of 14 people.

21. Assistance dogs

CORPUS 'journey through the human body' is accessible for assistance dogs. We kindly request that you call in advance to let us know that you wish to visit CORPUS with an assistance dog, in order to reserve extra places. You can contact the CORPUS Reservations Department by telephone on 071 751 02 00. In part of the 'journey through the human body' you are transported by escalator. CORPUS is familiar with the regulations concerning the use of escalators by assistance dogs. A hostess will be waiting for you at the end of the section in question, who will guide you to the next room.

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