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Are you interested in visiting the CORPUS 'journey through the human body' with your pupils? That’s a great idea! Many teachers and pupils have gone before you. Read about their experiences below!
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Baukje Lam 

Baukje Lam is a biology teacher at Kalsbeek College in Woerden. Every year she visits CORPUS with the fourth-year VMBO basic and middle-management students. Because her pupils remember more of the lesson material when they experience the journey for themselves. Which is why she advises her colleagues to do the same! 


“Taking the escalator up into the body is an exciting moment every year. Then the audio tour shows you where to go. The information is clear and well-organised. And after an eventful journey, the way down is again full of interactive elements. Smell, taste, see, hear, feel. You use all your senses. The journey is full of variety.” 

Sperm cells 

“VMBO students think very visually. Animations, videos and images leave a more lasting impression than text. For example, the explanation about reproduction, where you see the sperm cells racing towards the egg cell. Or the story about the red blood cells while you’re sitting in a moving chair. A great experience to refer to later in biology class.” 

Exam material 

“It also works the other way around. For example, in class we had already discussed the function of the heart and then the penny suddenly dropped in CORPUS. Ah, so that's how it works! The knowledge is consistent with the exam material and it is mandatory to hand in a full workbook. But even apart from this extra stimulus, the pupils are really fascinated.” 

Healthy food 

“The interactive way down also offers an opportunity to talk to pupils about healthy food. Which choices do you make at the buffet? They won't ignore the snacks right away, but it will get the conversation going. The same goes for the ear and hearing loss. CORPUS offers plenty of food for thought. And so do we!” 

Willem Sterk

Willem Sterk is a PE teacher at Wartburg College, Marnix location in Dordrecht.

“We’re what’s called a Biology Plus School. This means that we focus more than average on nature, science and technology. In group 7 we look in detail at the human body. To round off this theme, we pay a visit to CORPUS. The journey through the human body fits in perfectly with this; the children recognise a lot of the information from the lesson. For example, about the digestive system. But also about the eye. They have learned that the image on the retina of the eye is upside down and that your brain flips it. That’s explained very clearly. 

A visit to CORPUS makes a really big impression on our pupils. They’re all very quiet during the journey. The splinter in the knee, the moving elements, the brain as the control room of the whole body: they love it. At school, we also pay lots of attention to healthy food and healthy living. A visit to CORPUS fits in really well with this. During the interactive component, the children discover all kinds of things about hearing, taste and health. A special highlight? Maybe the distorting mirrors after all!” 

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