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Are you interested in visiting the CORPUS 'journey through the human body' with your pupils? That’s a great idea! Many teachers and pupils have gone before you. Read about their experiences below!
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Dorien van Doeveren

At De Springplank primary school in Sassenheim, the main focus is on the theme of health and education. Former headmistress Dorien van Doeveren made the 'journey through the human body' and visited the interactive component of CORPUS.

Increasing awareness

“We all try to live a healthy life but we don't always stop and think about it. A visit to CORPUS is makes you aware of your own body. You realise how special it is and that you need to treat it with care. It touched me to see how beautiful the human body is and how the children around me looked at it in amazement.”

New life

“A visit to CORPUS really makes you think. In the lungs, you think about the effect of smoking, in the uterus you talk about new life, and in the interactive component you learn more about healthy food. It's all about the choices that you need to make. CORPUS shows this in a clear, funny and sometimes moving way.”

Journey through the ear

“One recognisable example for young people is the journey through the ear. If the volume is too loud, it will affect your hearing. And what effect could hearing loss have on your future? You can always choose to turn down the volume.”

Icing on the cake

“It is very important to teach children to make healthy choices. The primary school plays a key role in this – together with the parents and the children themselves, of course. If you can take children to CORPUS as part of that education; then it’s the icing on the healthy cake.”

Danielle van Zundert

Danielle van Zundert is a group 7/8 teacher at Jozefschool, Den Burg, Texel:

''On our way to Loon op Zand for our annual three-day school trip, we made a stopover at CORPUS. The children had chosen it themselves, so they were extra motivated. Our journey through the body was fun, educational and exciting all at the same time. There were lots of different activities. After each activity, the children were curious about what was going to happen next. Walking over the soft tongue was a favourite of most of the pupils. Putting a meal together was also very popular.

I recommend other schools to take the 'journey through the human body'. The interactive element makes a visit to CORPUS fun and educational for the higher groups. But even adults can learn a lot from it. I had already discussed a number of topics in class in advance, such as the function of the intestines. Then it feels really good to walk through the intestines and experience what happens there for yourself. My eighteen-year-old daughter was already a fan and now so am I!”

Youri van Eekelen

Youri van Eekelen is a group 7 teacher, Basisschool Oost, Bergen op Zoom:

“We’re what’s called a Biology Plus School. This means that we focus more than average on nature, science and technology. In group 7 we look in detail at the human body. To round off this theme, we pay a visit to CORPUS. The 'journey through the human body' fits in perfectly with this; the children recognise lots of information from the lessons. For example, about the digestive system. But also about the eye. They have learned that the image on the retina of the eye is upside down and that your brain flips it. That’s explained very clearly.

A visit to CORPUS makes a really big impression on our pupils. They’re all very quiet during the journey. The splinter in the knee, the moving elements, the brain as the control room of the whole body: they love it. At school, we also pay lots of attention to healthy food and healthy living. A visit to CORPUS fits in really well with this. During the interactive component, the children discover all kinds of things about hearing, taste and health. A special highlight? Maybe the distorting mirrors after all!”

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