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Are you interested in visiting the CORPUS 'journey through the human body' with your pupils? That’s a great idea! Many teachers and pupils have gone before you. Read about their experiences below!
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Bernard Speksnijder

Bernard Speksnijder, teacher Care and Welfare BOL/BBL, Hoornbeeck College, Rotterdam:

'Visual addition to the exam material' 

“We like to organise extra-curricular activities that are consistent with our study programme. Just a different dynamic, but still career-related. A visit to CORPUS is perfect for this. We schedule it at the end of the school year or when rounding off a theme. The 'journey through the human body' makes the exam material very visual. For example, if you have just learned how the digestive tract works, suddenly in CORPUS you’re walking through the stomach and intestines. And while walking across the tongue you discover that the taste of sweet is very different from that of bitter or sour. A real eye-opener for some people.

A visit to CORPUS is also just very nice and cosy. You’re given a warm welcome and the information is easy to follow and is presented in a humorous way. There are nice videos and sound effects. This is great for MBO students who are mainly visually oriented. I will certainly recommend the 'journey through the human body' to other MBO and VMBO schools in the Netherlands that have care and welfare study programmes. A visit to CORPUS is a great addition to the lessons.”

Madeleine Heynens

Madeleine Heynens is a freelance teacher at OPPstap Zorg en Welzijn, Heiloo:  

Surprising, fun and educational!

“OPPstap is a private educational institution for MBO vocational programmes in Healthcare and Welfare. For the past ten years, we have enjoyed going to CORPUS as the conclusion to our anatomy lessons. It's surprising, fun and educational. A visit to CORPUS really clarifies all the theoretical knowledge covered in the lesson. The function of the circulatory system, the heart, the senses: it all comes to life much more and is much easier to remember for many of the pupils. The lessons about nutrition and digestion also fit in well with the narrative about the stomach and intestines.”  

Healthy lifestyle 

“Our students vary in age from twenty to sixty – we also have transfer students. Each age group has its own preference. The young pupils often like the interactive component of the tour the most while the older pupils are more impressed by the journey through that huge body. There is also advice on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Not that our students immediately start living in a very healthy way, but it does help with awareness. I highly recommend a visit to CORPUS.” 

Stephanie van Helvoort

Stephanie van Helvoort, teacher of equine husbandry and equestrian sport, Lentiz Maasland: 

"How much more visual do you want it?" 

“To CORPUS with students of equine husbandry? Yes, of course! Our curriculum includes the anatomy of both horses and humans. As a rider you need to know how to take good care of your body and stay energetic. With the Rider Fit theme, we pay a lot of attention to healthy nutrition. Which is better for you, a banana or an orange? What's in your lunch box? Asking these kinds of concrete questions starts a conversation about healthy choices. CORPUS also gets you thinking about healthy choices in a playful way. The repetition of that message is necessary to promote awareness and behavioural change.” 


“For intermediate vocational (MBO) students, it is important to present the theory visually. How much more visual than a journey through the human body do you want it to be? Everything is clearly explained and there are people everywhere to offer you help if you need it. The surprises during the journey make the students more motivated and enthusiastic, such as the 3D films and moving chairs. Hey, something's happening, we’re going to do something! The fun facts in between are also very easy to remember. A visit to CORPUS is a valuable addition to the lessons and also just a great afternoon out.” 

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