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Near the city of Leiden, a reddish-brown giant sits alongside the motorway. The enormous body is attached to a building. This is CORPUS: an educational attraction where you can see what your body looks like on the inside and how it works. You will have a great experience learning more about your own body. You enter the giant body and make a 'journey through the human body. CORPUS is recommended for children aged 6 years and up, the whole family and everyone else who is excited to learn more about the human body. Experience the spectacular 'journey through the human body' yourself!
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From the knee to the brain

In CORPUS you will experience a spectacular 'journey through the human body' in 55 minutes! The escalator will take you to the knee, where the 'journey' starts, and you will end in the brain. You will make the 'journey' accompanied by an audio tour (available in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese).

Take a dizzying 'journey' as a red blood cell in the 5D Heart Theatre, learn more about the process of breathing, jump on the tongue, take a stroll through the ear and be surprised by your own brain, while you marvel at the ingenuity of your body. You will experience the 'journey' with a maximum of 16 people.

Interactive part - test yourself!

The 'journey' will end after 55 minutes. But that does not mean your visit to CORPUS will be over. You will probably still have questions about everything you have just heard and seen. Especially for this purpose, we have 'my CORPUS', the interactive section. Here you can find a wealth of information about the human body! There are special exhibits and games, and you can also do the fun and educational scavenger hunt here.

Everything in 'my CORPUS' is related to the core beliefs of CORPUS: plenty of exercise, responsible eating and mental health. In short: healthy living! You can stay in this section for as long as you wish. An average visit to CORPUS lasts 2.5 hours.

Did you know... that CORPUS is Latin for 'body'? Latin is the ancient language of the Romans. Doctors all over the world use Latin words for the names of body parts. This way all doctors can understand each other.

CORPUS for curious people

CORPUS is an educational attraction recommended for curious people aged 6 and up. Especially for children, CORPUS offers many, many things to discover! Together, you can make unforgettable memories in this unique, educational attraction and be amazed by the spectacular 'journey through the human body' with, among other things, the 5D Heart Theatre. Have fun in the interactive section and take part in the treasure hunt. Introduce your child to the human body in a fun and accessible way.

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Children's party

CORPUS for (young) adults

CORPUS is an educational attraction for curious people. Bring out your inner child and become more aware of the human body. A sensory experience to be enjoyed alone or together with your partner, friends, colleagues or family. CORPUS offers a fun and educational day out for young and old!

CORPUS for education

Discovering the human body with the whole class at CORPUS, there is no better biology lesson! Education & fun! For over 13 years, CORPUS has been welcoming countless classes from primary schools, secondary schools, senior secondary vocational education (MBO), higher vocational education (HBO) and universities. Schools receive a free digital educational quiz which they can complete in the interactive section. CORPUS is all about experience.

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