Booking tickets

You embark on your 'journey through the human body' in groups of up to 16 people. CORPUS works with departure times. On average, 1 group of visitors leaves every 7 to 8 minutes (at 9.30 a.m., 9.38 a.m., 9.45 a.m., etc.). When you book tickets for the 'journey through the human body', you book a specific time. It is important to arrive at least 20 minutes before your departure time. Please take this into account when planning your journey. If you do not book a ticket in advance, they may be sold out or you will have to wait for a long time until a place is available. The minimum age to visit CORPUS is 6 years.

If you are visiting CORPUS 'journey through the human body' with a group of 16 people or less, you can buy tickets with an online discount. If you wish to visit CORPUS with more than 16 people, you can only book tickets by phone. Call the Bookings Department on 071 751 02 00. Special prices and terms apply to schools.

Tickets for the day itself can only be booked by telephone (+31(0)71-7510200). The last 'journey through the human body' depends on the season: on weekdays the last 'journey' starts - except for reserved groups - at 3 pm, during the weekends and on holidays the last 'journey' starts at 5 pm. Additional starting times may become available via the internet during holidays. CORPUS is then opened until 2½ hours after the last 'journey'.

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