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After more than 13 years, CORPUS remains a unique attraction in the world and the place to be if you are interested in discovering and learning more about the human body. The striking building of the seated human figure is a well-known image both nationally and internationally. The 'journey through the human body' shows in a unique way how the body works. CORPUS is enormously popular with children and adults alike. CORPUS Congress Centre hosts hundreds of business and private events each year. CORPUS receives more than 220,000 visitors each year and has already welcomed more than 2.7 million visitors.
Henri Remmers en Beatrix

Our former Queen Beatrix opened CORPUS on 14 March 2008. By doing so, she showed that she considers this an important educational attraction.

CORPUS ‘journey through the human body’ is

An innovative educational attraction in which the visitor enjoys a unique total experience with:

  • CORPUS 'journey through the human body' - an educational attraction with spectacular 5D effects.
  • The interactive part of CORPUS, where you can see the wonders of the human body with fun interactive games.

''A healthy life is essential for everyone; knowledge plays a key role in this. Our vision is that after CORPUS 'journey through the human body', visitors will return home with a different view of their bodies".

Henri Remmers

The construction of corpus

Who came up with that 35-metre-high giant body? The idea came from the founder of the educational attraction, Henri Remmers. Then an architect came up with what the building should look like and how it could be built.

Steel plates

First, the CORPUS building was erected. A wooden frame in the shape of a man was made against that building. Wooden plates were placed over it and then the body was covered with special steel plates. The steel is very thin: no more than 1 millimetre thick. Yet it is as heavy as lead. The head alone weighs 16,000 kg. That is about as much as three large elephants.

The reddish-brown colour comes from Corten steel, which rusts quickly. Once the whole surface has rusted, it protects the underlying steel.

Tip: Do you like to see special buildings? Then go to Madurodam. There you will find the Netherlands in miniature and there are many emblematic buildings there. CORPUS was also built in miniature there.


Hundreds of steel plates were used to create the shape of a body. The architect had to comply with all kinds of rules. Because if you want to build in the Netherlands, it must be done properly and safely. It also has to look good. Each floor of the body is attached to the building next to it. That way, it cannot blow over during a storm. 

CORPUS abroad

After more than 13 years, CORPUS is still unique in the world and is the best place to visit if you wish to learn more about the human body. Since the start, CORPUS has attracted interest from abroad. The unique concept appeals to people all over the world. CORPUS is working closely with foreign parties to explore the possibility of opening a CORPUS abroad. In 2020, a start was made on the construction of CORPUS in China (Ma'anshan). The pillars of exercise, a responsible diet and mental health - in short: healthy living - are now indispensable in today's society.

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