Our former Queen Beatrix opened CORPUS on 14 March 2008. In doing so, she showed that she considers this an important educational attraction. Every day CORPUS shows its visitors the workings of their own bodies in an exciting and magical way. We realise how special it really is.

Health Partners & founding fathers

In the interactive area, 'My CORPUS', you can play all sorts of games and take tests for the exhibits from our Founding Fathers and Health Partners with whom CORPUS has one common mission. Everything in 'My CORPUS' is related to the pillars of CORPUS: plenty of exercise, responsible eating and mental health. In short: healthy living!

CORPUS offers relevant knowledge in the field of welfare and health. We have an intrinsic desire to continue innovating and are preferably one step ahead of new trends. This future-oriented mindset means that both our visitors and our clients continue to be surprised by inspiring and creative solutions developed together with our partners, among others.

Founding fathers & Health partners

Our Story

The inventor of CORPUS is Henri Remmers. He came up with the idea for the giant body during a visit to an exhibition in Orlando, America. Here he saw a pregnant woman with a transparent belly containing a baby. In this way, visitors could contact the baby and learn all about pregnancy. Henri was inspired by this special animation. He wanted something similar, but on a much larger scale. You had to be able to walk around in the body and learn a lot about it. Henri Remmers wants to show people their own bodies in an exciting way. So that we realise how special it is and that we should take care of it. Would you like to read more about our story?

Our story

CORPUS & the environment

CORPUS wants to contribute to a more sustainable world. We are therefore proud of our golden Green Key quality mark for a sustainable recreational location. And we do not stop at just words. Read here what steps we are taking.

CORPUS and the environment

Working at CORPUS

At CORPUS, people count. That is why the wishes and needs of our visitors are paramount. By doing our work with pleasure and passion, we pass on this positive energy to others. We are professional, act with an involved and proactive attitude and do what we promise.

Exercise a lot, eat responsibly and be mentally resilient. In short: healthy living! That is what we stand for at CORPUS. Day in, day out, we want to give visitors an unforgettable day out.

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